"An initiative of DU-CLC Law Students"

EYE - Eternal Youth Establishment

The Eternal Youth Establishment was founded through the fundamental rights Initiative. The goals of this association include facilitation in sharing of materials and information for the development of gender and law curricula, serving as a network for sharing ideas and strategies, and providing a forum for educators, activists and practitioners to work together for mainstreaming gender and legal education. The group wants to build a broad-based association not limited to law teachers alone.

Given the ever-decreasing proportion of women to men in the last century in India, it is critical that gender issues are integrated into legal education. Despite a legal system which provides for a variety of de jure protections and opportunities for women, Indian women continue to suffer from widespread de facto sex-based discrimination. Domestic violence, sexual assault and sexual harassment aimed at women remain widespread, and literacy rates remain lower for women than men. Law schools play an integral role in promoting women’s legal rights by training future lawyers, policy makers, and law reformers to be effective advocates for women’s rights at a formative point in their careers. Education that incorporates a gender perspective can prevent new lawyers from perpetuating the system which currently exists. This is particularly true where it regards cases of gender-based violence, gender bias or other women’s human rights concerns.


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